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North American Crafters  

began when, at the age of 21, I decided to explore Tijuana and found a great place for creating win win business collaborations.  That was 1974 . This photo of me and my grandmother was taken that year.  changed to a corporation in 1977.

Over many years a high level of trust developed between myself and a large group of people in the hills above Tijuana.  Together we molded into a profitable cottage labor program and supporting warehouses. 

(their community is shown to the left)

Our 50 year history

Shown to the right are members of the community I met.  I bought all the macrame my car would hold and drove back to Los Angeles to start my new business.  We approached the market through a direct sales and party program.

Grew to a few hundred participants.

After 10 years macrame lost popularity and was replaced with hand painted wooden plaques.


North American Crafters, Inc. approached the market through retailers.

This effort required the collaboration of over 1,000 people.

To the left and clockwise are some of the over 1,000 people who made the toll painting effort a success for over 20 years!

From the cut and sanding facilities, to the people hand painting in their houses, to the quality control groups.   Such a great group effort to belong to!  So many good memories!  Such a sense of purpose!

In 2005 I began focusing on custom iron work.   Something new and challenging!  These divisions still operate as which focuses on blacksmithing for industry members and focusing on the local consumers.



They say life goes in a circle.  With macrame plant hangers among the top 10 trends of 2018 I am back to my roots!

 I recently returned to teaching the people in the Tijuana neighborhoods how to 'macrame!  

To the right is our first class.  That is me, Todd Jackson,  to the right in the green sweater in my 60's doing what I did in my 20's!   This first group was tasked with teaching other classes in their communities.

We are once again providing the worlds best quality macrame' plant hangers, made with purpose!



                   Todd Jackson

Hand Crafted In North America

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